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Our Programme

We do our scouting activities in the premises of the school. Our main goal is to spread awareness about scouting and promote the activities so that each school in UAE has well deserved and disciplined scouts representing the nation.

All our scouting activities conducted by us in the school are conducted as a part of extra curricular activity where our trained scout masters and leaders conduct it and take utter care of the students enrolled with us.

Our scouting programmes are divided into three in terms of age and gender to avoid any confusion and maintaing the comfort level of each child.


The cubs programme is conducted for students who are in the age group of 6- 11 years where we focus more on doing activities involving fun elements but also assure learning and guiding them to progressive growth. On completion of the cubs programme every child is awarded with the bronze award.


The boy scout programme is conducted for boys/ girls falling in the age group of 12-17 years . here we focus more on physical strength and body -mind coordination, team building activities, we also teach them to develop good leadership qualities. camping and survival skills are a major focus many scouting elements are included to induce discipline right at the very early stage of growing up.

Sliver Badge

Add another achievement on your uniform get a level higher by becoming a silver boy scout and girl guide. (age group would be around 12- 18 years)

Golden Badge

Become a professional boy scout and girl guide by attaining the highest badge and rank.(age group would be around 12- 18 years)

Rovers Programme

Be a dedicated scout by enrolling with us and be a rover all your life.(age group would be 18 years and above)